If you follow me on twitter, then you're very well aware of the rekindled love affair I've been having with all things Fever Ray. Akin to that, I've been posting a good bit on all words surrounding the project as well.

So in getting an email with news of the latest Royksopp single, This Must Be It, which features vocals from Karin Dreijer, she of The Knife and Fever Ray, it wasn't a matter a "IF" I would post this; more like "WHEN" I could get around to hitting pause on FR's self-titled debut album long enough to write this up.

That said...

LehtMoJoe, an up-and-comer producer from Dallas, remixed Royksopp's This Must Be It, which will be available as a digital download and 12″ vinyl on October 26. The single comes complete with brand new mixes from LMJ, Thin White Duke, Rex The Dog, Apparat, Danton Eeprom, Florian Meindl, Maxime Dangles, Moguai, Pete Herbert and The Bloody Sisters (TBS).

Massive release. Huge song. Stunning remix.

mp3: Royksopp (featuring Karin Dreijer) - This Must Be It (LehtMoJoe Remix)

BONUS: Want to win cool stuff, courtesy of Royksopp? Remix their track, Tricky Tricky! Details here.