Go ahead and say it, cause I'm thinking it. "Sheena Beaston, WHAT are you doing referencing Linkin Park on the site?" Well, kiddos, it doesn't go unwarranted, because any preconceived notions you have of the outfit, just toss 'em out the window.

Plus, it's not strictly Linkin Park, so I'm cool with it, and am pretty sure you will be too.

Mike Shinoda, of LP, has just released a remix of Metric’s Gold Guns Girls. Upon first hearing the song, Shinoda likened it to a musical interpretation of his latest art collection, GLORIOUS EXCESS (DIES), which is now showing at Los Angeles’s Japanese American National Museum through October 4th.

Shinoda says: “I mentioned the band Metric a long time ago...and some of you know I like their music. Their album Fantasies contains a song called Gold Guns Girls. When I first heard it, I thought: this is like a theme song for Glorious Excess! Well, I contacted the band, and (to make a long story short) I remixed the song”.

You check out the art show teaser clip below, and then, by all means, please do get this mix in your life.

mp3: Metric - Gold Guns Girls (Mike Shinoda Remix)