In efforts to revitalize a waning image in the social networking sphere, MySpace has announced a crossplatform sync feature between their musically inclined world with darling of immediacy, twitter.

Here's what you need to do, that is, if you're tired of updating your status' seperately on both platforms.

1. Go to the Sync tab within your MySpace Account. Set up the desired services that you would like to sync with MySpace.

2. Right now you can sync with twitter...more networks coming soon.

3. Click Confirm and you're all set.

4. Once you've synced your account, simply update your status on MySpace as you normally would (from your Home page, Status and Mood page, or mobile phone). When you update your status on MySpace, it will automatically sync with Twitter.

And that's it!

MySpace is giving away a free download of Nico Vega's Gravity as well. Is this in the hopes that more people with sync up and link up? Either way, this track is radly rocking my early AM world.

mp3: Nico Vega - Gravity