Well hello to you too, Friday! It's nearly the weekemd, a LONG weekend, and the last one of "summer". So a clebration is in order. And who better than BootieLA rad man, DJ Paul V, to turn up the heat and make the bodies hit the floor.

With a three-track roster of heavy hitters and swingers, DJ Paul V livens up what is now probably the most remixed track of the year and primes it for a new rush of lifeblood, pulsating through your veins. Here's what he has to say.

"Just a little sumfin' sumfin' I whipped up last night. It's Amanda Blank's Might Like You Better (acapella) and Bad Cabbage's You're Rude, Get F*cked (acapella) versus Deadmau5's Ghosts 'N Stuff (music).

Pretty simple A + B vs. C - but hopefully making forsome happy, sex-sweaty dancefloors!

J'adore the new Amanda Blank CD, and forever dig the Deadmau5 track - so I simply wanted to give new life to each of 'em. I threw in the Bad Cabbage 'cuz it just seemed ripe for resurrection!"

Let's say that if THIS megarad mash is something he "just threw together last night", then we're gonna start giving him last minute assignments all the time, if a bangalicious product such as this is the result!

mp3: Amanda Blank vs Bad Cabbage vs Deadmau5 - I Might Like Ghosts Better (DJ Paul V Mashup)
alt link: here