Far too long since any real good Lady Gaga news. And way too far long since I've posted any heat from Brooklyn-boy, Mr. Vega. We're changing that...starting now.

While Vega has been busy with the birth of his first child, the release of an album (which you can download for free here), and various dj gigs around the city, Gaga has been rehashing the same formula over the waning summer months.

Look wacky, perform the same songs, pretend no one notices. But that's not to say she's not hard at work. See, Gaga will re-release her debut album, The Fame, as The Fame Monster on November 24. With it will be new tracks, including the lead single, New York.

But it's the NYC kid who's got us moving and grooving on the long holiday weekend.

Mr. Vega throws his hat, and turntable, into the ring with a fix of the gal's already infectious song, Paparazzi. Mr. Vega DOES think some pop is ok. And we'd agree. Although this remix makes it just a little bit "gooder".

mp3: Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (Mr Vega Thinks Some Pop is Good Remix)