The legitimacy of this as Annie's official video release to her recent single, Songs Remind Me Of You, is still up in the air. Apaprently, this was recorded during the album photoshoot, but hey, it's still rad to see new stuff coming out of Xenomania camp, eh!

It's been nearly a year since we got down and dirty with any updated tidbits from Annie surrounding the release of her album, Don't Stop. See, it was initially penned for a late 2008 release, and while tracks and eventually the full album did make it's way into our hands, it was thus reported that it wasn't intended to be let out and a "wait for late 2009" memo was dispersed.

That made us sad, but hence, our wait is not in vain.

Here's some details.

In November 2008, with an official release date still unannounced, Annie left Island Records taking the masters of the album with her. She subsequently announced that Don't Stop would be released in 2009 with a different track listing from the one leaked onto the Internet.

The album will finally be released on October 19 (November 17 in the US) with a revised tracklist and new cover. The lead single for the album will be Songs Remind Me Of You. The single I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me along with album tracks Sweet and I Can't Let Go have been removed and replaced with Hey Annie, title track Don't Stop and I Don't Like Your Band. What Do You Want (The Breakfast Song) has been renamed simply The Breakfast Song. Promotional singles Two Of Hearts and Anthonio were not added to the album.

And hooray, now we have this video.

It remains to be seen what surprises Annie will pull out of her sequinned sleeve pending the release date. But one thing is for sure: she's not ready to stop.

mp3: Annie - Song Reminds Me Of You

PS: that outfit she's donning? Yeah, we've seen that somewhere else. Right!