Yesterday, La Roux revealed the video for I'm Not Your Toy, the 4th single from their self-titled debut album, which has endlessly captured the hearts of indie, electro, pop and dance lovers.

The song pairs the inimitable vocals of Elly Jackson with partner and producer Ben Langmaid's hot hand. And what about said video? Here's a little rundown.

- Elly emerging from a bed of water. Quiff first, obviously.
- Muted color schemes aka the "Barbara Walters" filter.
- Outer spacey elements.
- Fantasy dog collar.
- Some rad dancers.
- A power suit.
- Kids.

That about sums it up. Check it out!

Reminder: La Roux performs at Highline Ballroom on October 26. Tickets here.

mp3: La Roux - Im Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)