I was first introduced to Ghost vs Sanne earlier this year, courtesy of the radical 'ritings by buddyboy, Brad, over at MuuMuse. How I hadn't known about them sooner is not a point of pride for this beast, but we're working on changing that...starting with a dark and daunting journey full of the most desperate yearnings.

Ghost vs Sanne is fronted by the latter, a vibrant soul singer whose unique vocal style transcends the music. The Ghost part of the group (Ulf Lindström and Johan Ekhé) are one of Sweden's most sought after and legendary songwriter/producer teams. Over the last 15 years, they have worked with many international artists, and their successes have included the 3 multi-platinum albums by Robyn.

In truly retro-modern fashion, GvS released their album, Hold This Girl, last month to a flux of international praise. This release is the group's attempt to explore every facet of the human experience: by layering electropop and soul that simultaneously takes you to the dance floor and into your psyche.

We've got the title track for you. Shit...I love you, Sweden.

mp3: Ghost vs Sanne - Hold This Girl