What a terrific way to start the day! While persusing through the forum of a major outlet for all things perfectly pop, I came across a message from Dan, of Dragonette, addressing some questions about their new album, Fixin to Thrill.

One major piece of info talked about was the use of a song in the faux ad for the perfume, Urin. Haha, get it? [watch the parody commercial here.]

The song in the spot is Stupid Grin, however, that was an unfinished version. So what did this cool cat do? He provided a link to the full mastered track. It's a gritty tune about the smuggest of lovings and leavings. Check these lyrics...

"I'm up baby, just thinking about
When you wake up, I'm gonna punch you out
And you roll over with that stupid grin
And I just let your lovin' in"

Heat! Dan also noted that the album will be out in Canada and Australia on September 29 and October 2, respectively. The UK and US editions will hit a few weeks after...they are simply "taking a little time to dot the "I"s and cross the "T"s".

mp3: Dragonette - Stupid Grin