Oh holler! Was wondering what BK boy, Chew Fu, had been up to as of late. Seems the talented tomcat has been playing hooky with Aussie artist, Steve Clisby, on a slew of cover fixes that have made me melt and swoon. Well played, lads!

To call Clisby a crooner is a vast understatemnet. The dude has golden pipes with an edge of gruff that pair perfectly with a big Fu beat and backing bass.

Recently, the two joined forces for a cover of Prince's Purple Rain. Clisby also lent vocals to the duo's take on Stand By Me, for which we're giving you 2 massive mixes.

Each sound different, yet equally radical!

mp3: Chew Fu and Steve Clisby - Purple Rain (Prince Cover)
mp3: Steve Clisby - Stand By Me (Chew Fu Club Fix)
mp3: Steve Clisby - Stand By Me (Chew Fu Big Room Fix)