It's no lie that I love me some London via Canada electrodancepop, courtesy of the cool cats of Dragonette. With their sophomore album, Fixin to Thrill, now out in their homeland, it was quite evident that there was no way they'd be able to sneak by these Beast's buds without getting properly "twacked".

Dragonette are poised to provoke pleasures, but can they stand up to our eager ears? Let's check it out!

Dragonette - 01 - Fixin to Thrill [deep bass/keyed entry sets tone for album...huge beat drop at :22 secs...unapologetically impressive...A]

Dragonette - 02 - Gone Too Far [electrobilly fun sung by tina with a twang...chorus sounds more in line with typical style...big drums...B]

Dragonette - 03 - Liar [echoed vocals over minimialistic beat & bass makes me melt...enter xylophonic the backing "ohs"...A+]

Dragonette - 04 - Stupid Grin [campily cool with touch of cabaret flair...signature gritty the cadence in second prechorus...B+]

Dragonette - 05 - Easy [bending synths...never heard them sound so radly dynamic/different...goes down so smooth...simple guitar outro...A+]

Dragonette - 06 - Pick Up the Phone [harmonic keys and slick 1-2 drumbeat in verse...chorused "oh's" back plea to answer...lovely mid-8...A]

Dragonette - 07 - We Rule the World [saved by key change in the middle eight, this is typical "them" particular stand out feature...C+]

Dragonette - 08 - Big Sunglasses [poppier than most tracks on album...punny lyrics regarding sunglasses/execs...dig the breakdown most...B-]

Dragonette - 09 - Okay Delore [simple, short and sweet...will always swoon for handclaps...gets bit "epic-er" during final last 45 secs...B]

Dragonette - 10 - Come On Be Good [there's something "santi" about dubby echoes/layered vocals strewn a whole, just eh...B-]

Dragonette - 11 - You're a Disaster [first half focus on vocals & guitar plucks...second half is a new song...very theatrical/dramatic...B]

Dragonette - 12 - Don't Be Funny [immediately drawn to dark key sounds/broodish sultry vocals...chorus perks up...perfect closing track...A]

And that's a wrap! Like you REALLY thought I'd have anything bad to say about the album. While their sound style is not for everyone, for I, along with you dear readers, Fixin to Thrill is easily a "push play and repeat" offering that follows in the international acclaim of their debut.

Remider: Dragonette start their massive US/Canada fall tour this Friday. They'll be in NYC on November 5 at Santos!

mp3: Dragonette - Competition (The Whip Vocal Remix)