In over two decades of sweet sweet music making together, the legendary duo of Andy Bell and Vince Clarke, or as I like to call them, ERASURE, have sold more than 20 million albums around the globe, proving themselves masters of every kind of song from disco symphonies to unplugged ballads.

The pop heroes will release their Phantom Bride EP on October 12. The offering includes a remastered version of the title track plus brand new remixes including Vince Clarke’s Big Mix of Hallowed Ground, Almighty’s 12” Essential Mix of the single Chains Of Love and FrankMusik’s mix of the title track, Phantom Bride.

And gets even better, with Erasure releasing a 21st Anniversary edition of their first album to hit number 1, The Innocents. This massive release will hit outlets on October 26, via Mute, and come packaged as a huge box set of gifts and goodies, including:

1. A Little Respect
2. Ship Of Fools
3. Phantom Bride
4. Chains Of Love
5. Hallowed Ground
6. Sixty-Five Thousand
7. Heart Of Stone
8. Yahoo!
9. Imagination
10. Witch In The Ditch
11. Weight In The World
12. When I Needed You (Meloncholic Mix)
13. River Deep Mountain High (Private Dance Mix)

1. Ship Of Fools (Shiver Me Timbers Mix)
2. When I Needed You
3. River Deep Mountain High (7” Version)
4. Chains Of Love ( The Unfettered Mix)
5. Don’t Suppose (Country Joe Mix)
6. The Good The Bad and the Ugly (The Dangerous Remix)
7. A Little Respect (12” House Mix)
8. Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor (Mark Freegard Mix))
9. Love Is Colder Than Death
10. Phantom Bride (Live)*
11. Heart Of Stone (Live)*
12. Hallowed Ground (Live)*
13. Witch In The Ditch (Live)*
Live tracks recorded for BBC’s In Concert at Hammersmith Odeon (1988)

DISC 3 – DVD The Innocents Live – NEC Birmingham (November 15, 1988)
1. Chains Of Love
2. A Little Respect
3. The Circus
4. The Hardest Part
5. Push Me Shove Me
6. Spiralling
7. Hallowed Ground
8. Oh L’Amour
9. Who Needs Love Like That
10. Stop!
11. Victim Of Love
12. Ship Of Fools
13. Knocking On Your Door
14. Sometimes
with the previously unreleased
15. Witch In The Ditch
16. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

The Innocents At The BBC
Ship Of Fools – Going Live!
A Little Respect – Top Of The Pops

The Innocents Live (BBC 35 minute Special - December 12, 1988)

Promotional Videos: Ship Of Fools, Chains Of Love, A Little Respect

Includes MP3 files of The Innocents Live Show

That's a ton of stuff, eh? Well, it can all be yours! Actually, one of 5 FREE BOX SETS I'm giving away can be yours! High fives on the generosities, ya dig?

How do you win? Simply email me the answers to the following 3 questions

From which group did Erasure remake 4 songs, even naming the EP after them?
a. Pet Shop Boys
b. The Bee-Gees
d. Queen

Erasure have been working on an as-yet-unreleased project using...
a. Grimm's Fairy Tales
b. Little Golden Books
c. Nursey Rhymes
d. Choose Your Own Adventures

What was the FIRST Erasure song I wrote about on the site?
a. Breath of Life
b. Who Needs Love Like That
c. You Surround Me
d. Always

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks to all who participated. If you were a winner, you have been notified by email.

mp3: Erasure - Phantom Bride (Frankmusik Remix)