Wow, wow, wow! I've featured Troublemaker here before, and given the dude his due props for creating remixes of such fine work in the past. But today, he totally blows it out with a most grand mix by pairing some indie faves with hip-hop legends.

And before we give you the track, please do read on, because this is more than just taking 2 songs and mashing 'em together. Troublemaker was commissioned to create this remix for the upcoming NBA LIVE 2010 video game.

My bumbling sentences can't do it justice, so here's what he has to say.

"Words cannot describe the amount of happiness this song brings me.

I consider De La Soul to be the greatest group in the history of hip hop. And, growing up and getting into music production, never did I think I would have the opportunity to work with them. Well, all that changed with this here remix.

EA asked me to remix Matt and Kim's "Daylight" for NBA Live 10, and have an emcee, or emcees, bless it. Through rapid global file sharing while on tour in Australia, and the blood, sweat and tears of our camps, we have this record to share with y'all."

Congrats to the kid for earning the opportunity of a lifetime, as well as creating this piece of fire that set our afternoon ablaze!

mp3: Matt and Kim (featuring De La Soul) - Daylight (Troublemaker Remix)