We did a little introduction to Bad Lieutenant a bit ago, they of the boastings of Joy Division and New Order founder, Bernard Sumner. Their debut single, Sink or Swim, was released earlier this week.

And now we have the coinciding video, which also just came out. You can view it below.

To accompany the song, Bad Lieutenant enlisted German gent, Mark Reeder, to crank out 3 remixes, all varying in sound and length. Give a good hard listen to Reeder's 9+ minute massively rad Waterwing mix. You won't sink, or swim. You'll float on a bed of plush synthy waves.

UPDATED LINK: Bad Lieutenant Remixes (zip file)
UPDATED LINK 2: Bad Lieutenant Remixes (zip file)


mp3: Bad Lieutenant - Sink or Swim (Reeder's Waterwing Remix)
mp3: Bad Lieutenant - Sink or Swim (Reeder's Soft Kick Radio Edit)
mp3: Bad Lieutenant - Sink or Swim (Reeder's Rettungsring Soft Kick Remix)