Upon first glance at the post title, you might be saying to yourself, "Sheena Beaston, have you lost your mind? Since WHEN do you like and write about folky acoustic bands!" Let it be known, that while I do favor writing on beat and bass heavy dancers, there is a softer side to this lil' gal; and that version of me is nourished by acts like Port O'Brien.

The Oakland via Alaska set are ready to follow 2008's acclaimed All We Could Do Was Sing, with their new offereing, threadbare, on October 6. Working as somewhat of a two sided record with haunting and meditative songs, the dark tracks are paired with the untiring, aggressive and punchy anthems.

Naturally, I simply couldn't chat about something so indie without mention of a remix. It's the beastly way! Boston's heathens of sweaty dance, Bodega Girls, laid their afro-beat style all over POB's My Will is Good. It's a footstomper that'll make ya feel feelings!

And be sure to listen carefully at the 2:31 mark, when Hall and Oates jump in for a special cochlear surprise. Stellar!

Port O'Brien just kicked off a massive tour with Sea Wolf last night in Seattle. Hit up their 'Space for the full list of dates.

mp3: Port O'Brien - My Will is Good (Bodega Girls Remix)