Flashback Fri...oh wait, it's still Thursday. Who cares! Because Echo and the Bunnymen are back with their first studio album since 2005. The Fountain will be released on October 12, 2009.

Work on the album started in 2007. while their prior release, Siberia, caught on in the States, the band claims it was never as good as it could be. Which brings us to The Fountain: a feisty album of pulsating rock anthems centered around a grand, reflective soul-stirring ballad in The Idolness Of Gods.

EotB lad, Ian McCulloch notes, "This one was exciting to make. I felt excited to think of the Bunnymen as exciting again. I’ve re-found my spite – some might call it ‘angst”, I prefer to think of it as spite.”

Preview some new material by downloading Think I Need It Too, which sees a proper single release on September 28.

mp3: Echo and the Bunnymen - Think I Need It Too