Now that we've perfected the format in which to swiftly review full albums, these will fly off our fingers much more frequently. Gosh, I love alliteration. And Calvin Harris? Well, he loves discopop.

But do we love Harris' latest album, Ready For The Weekend? Read on to see what we think.

Calvin Harris is Scottish. He is electro. He is disco. He's fun and silly, yet his composure and stature within musicmaking has quickly launched a whirlwind career for the 25 year old. With his sophomore disc released this week, we thought it suiting to twack mark it. Let's judge him!

Calvin Harris - 01 - The Rain [intense sax intro leads into liquid latex beat and synth combo...these ARE the good times in our lives...A-]

Calvin Harris - 02 - Ready For The Weekend [that piano lends itself to sock hops and big the chorus more than verses...B+]

Calvin Harris - 03 - Stars Come Out [so much going on in this track...and it's all admirable...bends, beats and big beefy boy vocals...A-]

Calvin Harris - 04 - You Used To Hold Me [worthy of both a Studio 54 floor in the 70s and todays sweaty clubs in same breath...perfect...A+]

Calvin Harris - 05 - Blue [not feeling first half minute until gritty swishes enter...sadly it doesn't get much better than that...C]

Calvin Harris - 06 - I'm Not Alone [even when this one was out earlier this year, I couldnt seem to get behind it...still can't ...C+]

Calvin Harris - 07 - Flashback [loving the held notes during first half of song...female vocals DO conjure up dreamy flashbacks ...A]

Calvin Harris - 08 - Worst Day [with an Izza Kizza guest, you cant go the guitar & harris' style of "in your face" singing...A]

Calvin Harris - 09 - Relax [harmonic voices trick you into thinking this banger wont hit hard...give it 50 seconds, then revel in it...A-]

Calvin Harris - 10 - Limits [didn't I already hear this one earlier in the album...we went south here a bit mr harris...too sugary...C-]

Calvin Harris - 11 - Burns Nigh [are we a lounge act now...what is this nonsense...i dont think i even want to listen to the full track...D]

Calvin Harris - 12 - Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La [this is peaches and herb, sly stone, and parliament all rolled into a big disco ball...B+]

Calvin Harris - 13 - Dance Wiv Me [oh hi dizzee rascal...disc picks back up with this mondo stomper, shaker, mover and breaker...swoon...A-]

Calvin Harris - 14 - 5iliconeator [should have ended with previous track...we'll forget this one ever existed...nice spelling effort...C]

Overall, Harris shows growth from his debut album, I Created Disco, without straying too far from the formula that made the booties bounce before. Take out those 3 or 4 tracks we'll end up skipping on future listens, and you've got yourself a tight and tidy 10-song release.

mp3: Calvin Harris - Relax