Last week, we gave you a little piece of fire from sultry songstress, Neon Hitch, and now we're of the mindset that she can do no wrong, given this major rad bit that greeted us with a grin in our inbox this morning.

First she sings. Now, she makes beats? Yeah, you heard me!

Grabbing fellow Pilot Creative member, Jimmy James, to tackle lead vocals on The Beatles' classic, Eleanor Rigby, Hitch provides backing verses and chorales while also polishing off the track with a truly dark and glitched out beat.

The variance between the stripped down verses and the robustly warm choruses makes for an interesting take on the song. And before you start to cry, "The Beatles should NEVER be messed with", this comes off as more of a cover than a remix of the orginally stellar tune.

So, we're giving a hearty round of applause to Hitch and James for this unique collaboration. Funny, since the last 45 seconds are punctuated with a series of hand claps. Swoon.

mp3: The Beatles (featuring Jimmy James) - Eleanor Rigby (Neon Hitch remix)