Wow, we are A-OK with provokings as long as it's as sexy as this! Sensual Harassment is a Brooklyn trio who utilizing sonic mind control through beat-driven psych-pop. In their debut broadcast, the boys seamlessly shape-shifts from reverb-drenched post-apocalyptic new wave to epileptic space disco.

Transmitted from their headquarters in Southside Williamsburg, the band wisely recruited Jesse Cannon (The Cure, Animal Collective and The Misfits) to help engineer the cerebral revolution.

2 new tracks for ya too! Soldier is an electrified symphony soaked in icy analog synths, while Daddy Long Legs is a cosmic dance party that combines grimy Moroder arpeggiators with a throbbing funky agression.

mp3: Sensual Harassment - Soldier
mp3: Sensual Harassment - Daddy Long Legs