Dave Wrangler ushers in this majorly hot NYC morning with another preview track from his upcoming release, Under the Influence. Take one part underground hip-hop legends and one part indie dancerock gurus, and you've got a tight piece of work befit of gangsters wearing skinny jeans and thin boys rocking big bling.

Wrangler grabs hold of the lazily swagger-filled Dead Prez track, Hip-Hop, and amps up the speed by wisely allowing Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's Satan Said Dance to share space on this mash as well.

Also, if you're in Houston, Wrangler has just started a new residency at Hotel Zaza each Saturday night in the Monarch Lounge. Lucky Texans.

mp3: Dead Prez vs Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Hip Hop (Dave Wrangler Remix)