If you've been following Muse, and their upcoiming release, The Resistance, then you'll know of the coy little games they've been playing with lead single, United States Of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage). Releasing the track in pieces until eventually offering the full for free download has kept the buzz around the band's 5th studio album at a feverish hum.

Now that the full song is available, many Muse-heads like myself are quick to make the comparison to the musicalities of Queen and Freddie Mercury as channeled by Matt Bellamy and the boys. Yes, the harmonic progressions do resemble the London classic rockers at their finest, but it's hard to deny the inevitably signature style that Muse has come to grow into.

Pairing lullabic intros with hard thrashing riffs and passionate vocals, Muse is geared to set your headphones ablaze with this new offering.

The Resistance is out September 14th.

mp3: Muse - United States Of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)