Remember back in May when the popblogworld got lit ablaze with the notion that Rihanna and Lady Gaga had produced and recorded a track together called Silly Boy? Well, yeah, I definitely remember it, because I fell victim to the trap, AND to one of the most infectious songs of the year thus far.

Well, suckers that we were, believed the hype, but then nothing was ever really confirmed or denied. UNTIL TODAY.

Let's introduce you to Eva Simons, the Dutch "popstartlet" who is the artist both behind and in front of this powerhouse of a dancetastic track. Think about every female pop/r&b hit out right now, mix 'em all up in a spicy little blender, and there you have the ACTUAL track and video for Silly Boy.

We're in pop overload. And we love it.

mp3: Eva Simons - Silly Boy