Hey guess what? I'm like a week too late on this, and then I saw it spreading like wildfire, so I waited some more, and then....well to hell with the excuses, because I'm posting it now, and dadgum, it's fire in a bottle, ready to explode.

As we like to do here, we salivate over just about any new-wave-pop Swedish exports that hit our ears, and such has been the case over the course of The Sounds' rise to notoriety here in the States.

We fell hard and fast for lead single and subsequent mixes, No One Sleeps When I'm Awake, off their latest album, Crossing the Rubicon, but the release as a whole, is strewn with poppy gems begging to be heard.

So when Hey Champ got their hands on Beatbox, I was positive we'd have a jaunty trip through the tracks, and the boys did not disappoint! Want to know why? Well then get to gettin' right here.

mp3: The Sounds - Beatbox (Hey Champ remix)