I've been pretty neglectful on getting this piece of info out to you. A couple of my musically knowledgeable friends and I started another site around the beginning of this year. Friday Morning Riffs* is basically a forum for us like minded souls to bring you the soundtrack to your day.

We stick to one theme per day, oftentimes, they are pretty basic such as:
- Songs About Colors
- Canadian Artists
- Hip Hop Songs That Sample Old Shit

Other days, it gets a little more off the wall, like:
- Songs About Falling
- Twisted Love Songs
- Songs With Banned Videos

We don't post mp3's there. But there is so much YouTubeage, you can spend hours on the site, days even!

I TRY to post at least twice a day there, but y'know, a regular job coupled with my baby [this site], sometimes, it's hard to keep up. Thank god we've got a solid handful of contributors to make up for my slackishness.

Today's theme is Songs That Make You Smile, cause it's Friday, and how can that not bring a smile to your face! Here's my riff. And a housey, jungle trancey, dancey version of the track is right below.

mp3: Spice Girls - Say Youll Be There [Juniors Main Pass Mix]

*Even though the title of the site is Friday Morning Riffs, we post every weekday. Got it? Good.