Yesterday I put out a call for someone to remix Yeah Yeah Yeahs brilliant track, Zero. Not that I wanted something to replace the original, but after getting a Heads Will Roll remix that is getting great feedback, I figured, "someone must be on top of getting a Zero remix readied".

I woke up this morning cranky and feeling a case of the blah's, even though it's Friday. But Jon Kahuna shook me out of my funk with the best inbox drop!

Zero (DiscoWeirdos re-edit) takes the throttling undertones of a track you could already dance to, and now makes it utterly impossible to sit still. Now we're treated to Zero on electro-steroids! Claps, buzzings, a driving pulse, more bass, and vocal shakes make it perfect to set your weekend off!

mp3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero (DiscoWeirdos re-edit)