If you're regulars to the site, then you know of the huge obsession we developed earlier this year for Purple Crush. And you'd also know that under their own label, Crushed Records, they are developing the hottest new talent.

Now, they are releasing an artist called WZRDZ on Crushed Records label. It's a collaboration of one of the guys from meterhead and mike genius....a sort of eastcoast meets westcoast of electro.

Listen in:
Lore has it that two WZRDZ exist, one in the East and one in the West. The eastern one lay deep with the knowledge of synths and stabs, while the western one forged samples heavy as though a master hammer smith. Their scrolls proclaim alliances amonst the tribes known as iheartcomix, Meterhead, Purple Crush, and Afrodesiac Soundsystem. Through struggle and triumph, through uploading and sequencing, brothers they came to be. By the portal known as Crushed Records, their ancient knowledge shall be revealed. .....WZRDZ.

We are MORE than thrilled to give you this promo video as well as the WZRDZ remix of a Nirvana song you all well know and love.

Yeah, I can't say enough positive things about Purple Crush and their respective babies they are putting out for us. Hand claps and finger snaps all the way around.

mp3: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (WZRDZ remix)