What's going on in the lives of Beaston favorites' Purple Crush? Let's tell ya!

Purple Crush's next remix EP will be released next month. As a preview to it, the dynamically violet and lavendered duo have completed another notorious video. this time it's for Busy Boys, a track we love for it's ability to make us feel super dirty.

Also, they depart NYC today for another Euro run in Paris, Berlin, and a 3 city Vice Magazine Germany tour. If you're on that side of the big pond, check out the dates below.

OCT 24 - Le Showcase (Paris, France)
OCT 25 - Villa (Berlin, Germany)
OCT 30 - Vice Tour Germany Cologne
OCT 31 - Vice Tour Germany Frankfurt
NOV 1 - Vice Tour Germany Munich

And make sure to check out their blog. Just like we told you last time.

mp3: Purple Crush - Busy Boys