Cool cat Nicky Digital has a great way to kick off your holiday festivities, granted you haven't already started imbibing the nog.

Read on, readers...

"I dedicate this holiday mix to Nicky Digital, as I think he's an amazing man and a fantastic photographer. You'll hear lots of feelings and I want you to get feelings of energy, and put them towards your dreams and desires. It's time to party! It's time to manifest!" - Andrew W.K.

Here's the link.

Here's the tracklisting.
1. "Andrew's Holiday Introduction" - Andrew W.K.
2. "Hello, Hello, Hello Build Up" - Andrew W.K.
3. "Santos Party House Cheer" - Santa Santos
4. "Think About Your Body" - Andrew W.K.
5. "Crazy Pimp" - Lee 'Scratch' Perry
6. "Oh, Canaduh" - The Subhumans
7. "When I'm On I'm On" - Garry Glitter
8. "Non Tradition Remix" - Bad Brilliance and Girl Talk
9. "How We Roll Back In Time Remix" - Plushgun and Andrew W.K.
10. "Tom Tit" - Aleister
11. "Change Your Mind" - Cherie Lily
12. "On Your Todd" - Aleister
13. "Quack Head" - Bad Brilliance
14. "The Git" - Aleister
15. "The Clapping Song" - Gary Glitter