Bobby J makes Electro/Progessive House music from the comfortable confines of western Pennsylvania. How do I know this? He hails from a hometown near my old haunts, and his sissy is a dear friend. But enough about all that...let's get in on his music.

Bobby J just released two tracks with Metronix Recordings. The album is called Caution: May Stimulate G-Spot and was just released yesterday. Bobby J has two tracks on the album: La Fin Du Monde and Do It. Citing influences like Armin Van Buuren and Pete Tong, their impression is evident on Bobby J's output: tracks with a heavy bass and thumping score to keep you moving nonstop.

You can go on and purchase Caution: May Stimulate G-Spot here. Or you may have another track not found on the album. The choice is yours!

mp3: Bobby J - Wheres My Whip