This is the post in which you get to learn a little [LITTLE] bit about your hostess with the mostess, Sheena Beaston. Ready for this nugget of info?

My birthday is January 3 [year withheld]

I am both over 21 and act like I'm under 21, and while last year's birthday party was a smashing success, I'd like to up the ante and go b-a-l-l-s out again and then some.

If anyone has any ideas of a swell place to hold a party, or if anyone wants to throw me one, well hell, either'll do just fine. But we're more than A-OK with suggestions of spots. A few stipulations:

1. Lots of BOOZE
2. Lots of MUSIC
3. Lots of DANCING
4. Lots of SWEATING
5. Lots of me MAKING a fool of myself

I am not opposed to renting out a place / room. Any bands, musicians, dj's etc...that would like to play / be involved said event, please get at me ASAP.

To get your birthday celebrational juices flowing, I give you this hot track for inspiration.

mp3: Royskopp - Happy Birthday

And yes, the 3rd is a Saturday this year, so you are all invited and more than welcome to join the party. An official invite will go out, so please send your eDetails here.