Bass Kittens are JSD and Samantha Lien from San Francisco. Their new album, End of Days, is available for purchase on iTunes. They try to avoid the usual "love songs", taking an interesting lyrical idea and wrapping it around an accessible melodic pop song.

Here's what JSD has to say about the 2 tracks you're getting for free, courtesy of the duo.

mp3: Bass Kittens - Last Girl On The Moon
This is literally about a girl who joins the space program. She has trouble relating to people in her "normal" life so she seeks some form of escape. When they cancel her mission, she has to come back to Earth and try to figure out how to re-integrate. It isn't easy. Dedicated to all the freaks and geeks who sometimes feel like aliens on their own planet.

mp3: Bass Kittens - Soundtrack To An Apocalypse
When I wrote this song about a female politician coming to power and somehow destroying the world, the words "Sarah Palin" hadn't been heard much outside of Alaska. As we were wrapping up the album, and we had learned all about the self-proclaimed hockey mom who might end up a heartbeat away from the presidency, what had seemed like a fun idea for a song had turned a little scary. Luckily we dodged a bullet on that one! However, with Palin making noises about running in 2012, this song still has a place. Armageddon with a disco beat.

Pretty slick stuff, if you ask me.