There could never be a more fitting song title to fit my steez. If the song's got a pulsating beat and the lyrics scream at me to never, under any cirmcumstance, remain motionless, then sign my toe-tappin' butt clappin' self up!

X & Hell are new to us. The Aussie boys are accomplished musical veterans but they are back with fire in their eyes and a whole new idea of what a party should sound like.

Don’t Stop Movin is the obscenely powerful first single from their second album, Million Dollar Sex Party (out through Illusive/Mushroom in 2009). This catchy dancefloor filler is co-produced by Styalz Fuego (Chamillionaire, Sneaky Sound System) and features actual vocals from 90’s dance-rap outfit The Outhere Brothers.

We're convinced that if, in fact, we never stopped playing this on rotation, we'd definitely keep moving.

mp3: X & Hell - Dont Stop Movin