You know how the classic song My Favorite Things pretty much is a just a list of pretty cool objects, like whiskers on kittens and shit like that? Well, Charli XCX kind of went and made her own version (not literally, as in covered) of a song about some pretty sweet stuff.

Dinosaur Sex is a track just recently (as in like a few short hours ago) has popped onto Charli XCX's Space player. Starting off with a wooshing swirl, Charli XCX launches into a list of things she likes. For example:

I like unicorns / strawberries / x-rated porn

I like orange juice / flashing swords / and chocolate mousse

I like spelling bee / L-I-C-K / my ice cream

It's safe to say this won't be used in any upcoming revivals of The Sound of Music. Not unless they get a pterodactyl family to play the Von Trapps.

Go stream Charli XCX's Dinosaur Sex here.