Now this is what we like to hear. Christina Aguilera's got a veriafiable radio hit* with her new single Keeps Gettin Better. But she's got a bona fide smash now that the Knowle West Boy himself dabbled with the ditty.

Tricky puts a dark and druggy touch to Keeps Gettin Better, and 'tis just that. Much better than the lighter, albeit still danceable, orginal version.

mp3: Christina Aguilera - Keeps Getting Better (Tricky Remix)

* You know it's a hit when you're at the corner pub, the track comes on, someone asks who sings it, and they [read=maybe me?], in a severely altered state immediately say Britney Spears! To which, the 60 year old daily patron with a lazy eye retorts, "No, it's not, it's Chrissy Aguilera." And scene.