Prior to this morning, I knew nothing of maticulous. Leave it to my brother and his buddy, 2 sports freaks, to turn me on to some smooth and groovy, funked out dj. (The term "sports freaks" does not discount your musical palettes boys, you both have superior taste in tunes. I just call the "freak" shot like I see 'em.)

That said, maticulous is spinning at Huckleberry this Friday, October 10. Not only was the spot voted Time Out New York's Best New Bar 2008, but I guarantee that the music flowing through will be a cochlear pleasure. (sounds grosser than what it actually is, right? cochlear. ha!)

Have a listen to a clip of maticulous' Fools below, be his friend on the Space, stream more equally bomb tracks here. And we'll see you on Friday. Or else.

mp3: maticulous - Fools