Holy high-flyers! We've got a new Little Boots track for you this morning, and we're pleased as punch to have this in our ears and our lives. Oh, and we're going to be hearing a lot more new stuff from the pop sensation in the near near future.

Mathematics was briefly shared a few weeks back when we got video from a Little Boots live performance. The sound quality was iffy, but sufficient at the time.

Let's hear what Boots has to say:

so i've got a few tracks sort of finished lately and have never been one for sitting on stuff so i've decided to put a new one up every week for the next month or so on myspace... they will be a bit of a mix, album tracks, demos, maybe even singles... but i'll put one up every monday and write a little blurb about it here. maybe if u let me know what u think then whatever everyone seems to like best i'll keep it up??

so the first one is a track called MATHEMATICS, which you can listen to now and all this week on my myspace player. at the time i was kind of thinking about how a lot of things just come down to numbers, even creative things like music and maybe even relationships and people you love..... things don't always add up how you'd like them too, stuff like that.... i was never very good at maths at school but i just remembered weird old words like fibonacci and pythagorus and thought would be cool to get them in a song... also it was inspired by a brilliant poem by Sylvia Plath called Love is a Parallax.

The simple sum of heart plus heart

Damn if the lass doesn't know how to construct a great song! Mathematics is a little slower than previous works from Little Boots, but at this rate, every song she puts out seems to be better than the last one. Mondo incredible.

Go stream it here.