First and foremost, a special thanks to Baybay for bringing this to my attention.

It unnerves me that I'm actually linking to this smut, but it's necessary.

Let me say this: for someone who prides himself on being on the cusp of emerging artists, my dear, you sure are behind the times.

1. I've been hyping Lady GaGa for months.

2. You're declaring this your summer anthem, but, um, HA! That's a good one. Seeing as how I've already done so. I'm not staking ownership to it, but wow, late on this one much?

3. Go draw jizm on more people. Because that's so hilarious and not primitively juvenile and offensive at all.

4. You are exactly what you hate and post about the causes to prevent. A bully.

Let me know the next time you "discover" an artist. As I might have posts that date back a couple months to support your claims.

mp3: Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing