I'd kill to have a new pair of little boots.

But seeing as how funding is tightly budgeted these days, I'll deal with music from Little Boots instead.

From her site:
"Little Boots is a person, a project, an idea... all of these things, born from a few keyboards and the over imaginative mind of one girl from Blackpool, Lancashire."

Her song Stuck on Repeat has briefly bubbled up on a few blogs, largely in part due to the productiveatory remixing skills of Hot Chip. But another track of hers caught my ear.

Magical is listed as a demo on her MySpace. Sure it can use some tweaking, but isn't that why it's called a demo? It's a fun poppy song.

Plus, she is Popjustice approved. Which is basically saying, "Little Boots, soon you'll be a big star."

mp3: Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat
mp3: Little Boots - Magical (demo)