Between yesterday's Sophie Ellis-Bextor track/post on Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer, and what I'm about to post, let's hope this is not any sense of foreshadowing.

Heartbreak are 2 lads from London who have recently scorched my ears with an infectious blend of italo disco and electro pop. Synths-a-heavy make an early 80's flashback quite inevitable.

Ali Renault and Sebastian Muravchix juxtapose their varied backgrounds (Metal, Electro, Italo Pop) to create a disco hybrid infused with the dark energy of Black Sabbath that will make you dance with tears in your bi-polar maniacs in the brink of an ecstatic panic attack. (from their MySpace)

I think more artists should describe their music by associating the sound with mental disorders and black metal collaborations. It's just logic, people. But it makes sense. Heartbreak's songs are a fantastic culture of just about everything I love in music. Keys, oh, the keys!

For your enjoyment, the track, Regret, from their 2006 EP. We're Back, a new song ready to make you thrash. Lastly, a remix of Neon Neon's I Lust U, which I've already written about before and is near the top of my 2008 most loved so far songs list.

mp3: Heartbreak - Regret
mp3: Heartbreak - We're Back
mp3: Neon Neon - I Lust U (Heartbreak Remix)