Ready for a healthy well-balanced breakfast? Food for the ears, not the tummy.

mp3: Wu-Tang Clan - Stomp (The Bloody Beetroots Mix)
This is just too good to pass up. And you can learn a lesson too, kids. Stomp the roach...stomp the roach, stomp the roach!

mp3: Róisín Murphy - You Know Me Better
Give me some breathy vocals and a synthed out beat, and I'm good to go. Had maybe 3 beers last night and for whatever reason without having listened to this in quite some time, I couldn't stop singing "You know me better than I kno-oow myself".

mp3: Creature - Pay Up
These Montreal funkpop rockers know how to make we wanna make it rain. Except pennies are gonna hurt if you try to catch them.

mp3: Sweatheart - WetDream Catcher
"Comment allez-vous, I wanna pork you". I love this song. In 2:27, Amanda Blank and company reference 100+ sexual innuendos/terms. (in-her-endos!)