I take no credit for finding this information about Shiny Toy Guns. Popjustice is a sexy beast and snagged the info straight from the horse's teet. And by horse's teet, I mean Jeremy of STG's mouth.

It's about time, too. It's been 2+ years since We are Pilots was released. Remember Le Disko? Damn, it seems like forever ago.

Read the news below (directly copped from here) and then grab my favorite track from their 06 release. Hint: It's not Le Disko, Rainy Monday, or even Don't Cry Out. This one makes me feel like I want to be on acid or some other psychedelic love. It reverberates my spine.

1. "The album is called Season of Poison. I haven't told a soul that outside of management, but I think its about time to start passing the name around."

2. "We won't speak to American press till July but England as is her nature is much more important to receive early information." Jeremy added a ':)' to this comment, which means DON'T GET YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST, THE AMERICANS, HE'S ONLY JOKING. (He's right though.) (No, we're joking.) (We're not.) (We are.)

3. Jeremy says that the album is "dark and sharpened".

4. By 'dark and sharpened', he means "it's as keyboard driven as it is organic but gone are the drum machines, gone are the super fluffy pop synths. Instead the record is taking more of a road of a band that merges Queens Of The Stone Age with old Skinny Puppy, dipped in Peter Schilling with a little Flash Gordon sprinkled on top. Ripping rock guitars and all toms on the drums instead of straight rock beats with 100% analog synths slicing through everything around it." (??!?)

5. Duet fans take note. "EVERYTHING is a duet at the top of all vocal range, fast moving and loaded with more percussion than the Blue Man Group."

6. "This record is made to decapitate and remove legs at the knees; but melody still rules our world. Every song could be played on an old guitar around a campfire."

mp3: Shiny Toy Guns - Shaken