On of Brooklyn's best kept secrets is the experimentally mellow duo of Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer, more commonly referred to as Savoir Adore. With the release of their stunning pop-laden debut this fall, the pair are set to make beautiful beautiful noise in 2010.

Mixing perfectly crafted guitar riffs and swooning, dreamy vocals, Savoir Adore claim that their formation was an accident. While never intending to "be in a band", Muro and Hammer worked their friendship into a state of collaboration that resulted in the output of their first LP, The Wooded Forest, in September of this year.

And lucky for you NYC'ers, you can take a break from the hectic rage of holiday shopping by kicking back and being soothed by the sounds of Savoir Adore on December 18. They play Cameo with Brooklyn Buddies French Horn Rebellion.

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mp3: Savoir Adore - We Talk Like Machines