Has your copy of The Fame Monster run it's course? Is it scratched up and you're yearning for new[ish] material from the widely hailed woman of the year, Lady Gaga? Well then let this beast drop some fresh fire on you.

Prior to the release of her smashing addition to debut album, The Fame, many inevitable Gaga demos and "will it or won't it be on the release" tracks sprung forth. Included in this bunch is the radio friendly Filthy Pop.

Rooted in the same formula as her first hit, Just Dance, the song is a decent slice of top 40 sensibility, yet we longed for some grime and some gruff to beef it up. Enter Dashius Clay.

The Miami man drops his remix of the jam, featuring a few slick verses by the dude himself. Grab it, for free, now!

mp3: Lady Gaga (featuring Dashius Clay) - Filthy Pop