Early last month, this beast fell hard and fast for an indiepop troupe from Manchester, by the name of Performance. In doing so, I found out that 2 of the members, Joe and Laura, were also well known with their side project, Kiss In Cities. Today, we're getting all sorts of giddy for this equally remarkable offering.

Serving up a steaming plate of synthfully dripping powerpop, Kiss In Cities sound like the music was born in the 80s, cured in the 90s and ripened in today's glittery world.

Their debut single, U R My Girl, will be released on December 14 through Seven Sevens as a limited 7" and digital download. To pre-order, head here.

Give the coinciding visuals a whirl below!

You know what? I'm just going to go ahead and say it...

We are in LOVE!

mp3: Kiss In Cities - U R My Girl
mp3: Kiss In Cities - U R My Girl (Gentlemen Thieves Remix)