In honor of her prodigious achievements as an entertainer and musician, the Harvard Lampoon has selected the electro shock-rocker, Peaches, to be inducted as a special Honorary Member of the social organization.

The members of the Lampoon staff are huge admirers of the Berlins cum Canadian musician's career and will celebrate with her on December 7 at their Annual Canadian Synthpunk/Glam Rock Awards Dinner. The event will kick off with a public karaoke party on the steps of the Castle followed with a private induction ceremony inside the Castle to follow

Founded in 1876, the Harvard Lampoon is the world’s oldest humor magazine. Lampoon graduates have written for television shows such as The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live and Friends, and most recently, My Name is Earl and The Office. Other famous alumni include Conan O’Brien, George Plimpton, John Updike, B.J. Novak, and William Randolph Hearst. Peaches will join a long list of entertainment luminaries who have been honored by the Lampoon, including John Wayne, Aerosmith, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, and James Brown.

I'm also pleased to bring you DiSco VuDu, a special short created by Robin Thomson. This is the first video in Peaches' “Experimental” series.

Earlier this week, we saw the video for Peaches' Trick or Treat. Bobby Good, the video's director, has also been following Peaches on her American and European tours for a full-length documentary that is in the works.

mp3: Ladyhawke - Paris is Burning (Peaches Remix)