For the better part of this year, there has been no one person, group or producer that we get more excited to write about than Visitor. With but a handful of originals, and a load of remixes to supplement, the London dynamo continues to impress with a hot demo and fix from a Beaston fave.

Honestly, we first heard Visitor's track, Hurt Someone, much earlier this past summer. It quickly became one of the most repeated songs that both defines and displays the perfect precision of disco dreamwave.

Now, with a super synthy remix from fantastic Frenchman, Kolt13, we're (pardon the bad pun) "re-visiting" everything we loved about the original, and basking in the radness that is his rework of the song.

Cheers boys! I've just been gifted the only song I'm going to listen to today.

mp3: Visitor - Hurt Someone (Kolt13 Remix)
mp3: Visitor - Hurt Someone (Demo)