Lisa Hannigan is a singer. She oftens hum away without realising it until she gets funny looks on Camden Street. She is both good at roasting potatoes and sewing on buttons, but not good at voice mails and competitive sports. Neither here nor there, but we're more interested in her music, including a set of new recordings.

Hannigan has just released a special set of live recordings, Live At Fingerprints, which includes six live tracks done at Fingerprint Records in Long Beach, CA. The album is out now exclusively at Think Indie, and everywhere else physically and digitally on December 15, 2009.

Besides having such an engrossing presence and hauntingly beautiful voice, Lisa Hannigan is an extremely versatile musician. She’s absolutely radiant when she performs and if you watch anything at all today, I IMPLORE you to at least hit play on the below video, and if you must, skip ahead to the 3:35 mark, when she gets so radly wild on her cover of Personal Jesus.

Simply stunning!

Lisa Hannigan, and her band, will appear on Last Call with Carson Daly tomorrow. Do watch!

mp3: Lisa Hannigan - Keep it All