If there's one thing I'm ashamed to do, it's print retractions. I take pride in doing thorough research to ensure quality information is delivered. That said, I'll be the first to fess up when in err: any previous versions of Shakira's song, Did It Again, labeled as the Benassi remix, such as here, are actually the DJ Laz Remix. Sincerest apologies to all talented parties involved.

Moving on, we've got the official and totally legit Benny Benassi remix of the track to pour into your ears this morning. The mix still features the guesting vocals of Kid Cudi, but you'll immediately notice the soaring and lusciously rad signature stylings of the Italian super producer.

Also, you can watch Shakira's performance of Give It Up To Me for the iheartradio exclusive web series, which we were lucky enough to be in attendance for!

Have a listen to the official and 100% confirmed, "damn I'm sorry for getting it wrong the first time", remix now.

mp3: Shakira (featuring Kid Cudi) - Did It Again (Benny Benassi Remix)