Valid question time. Why aren't Sambassadeur bigger here in the States then they currentlky are? Sitting high atop the mighty mountain of Labrador Records (for whom we continually swoon over), the Swedish quartet mix a variety of strings and sounds to form the most pleasant pop songs.

Making small bursts onto the scene since 2005, Sambassadeur quickly found a solid spot in my heart and on my playlists. With a confident collection of EPs to their credit, Anna, Joachim and both Daniels now look to the future with a refreshed sense of direction.

The band's upcoming single, Days, is a sweeping blow of grandeur, with enough big drums and constant tambourine-ing to compliment the easy tones of vocalist Anna Persson. The song will be included on their full length release, due out in January 2010.

Grab the song below, along with one of my favrotie Sambassadeur tracks, Subtle Changes. If you don't fall in love with the latter within the first 2 seconds, I don't even know what to say to you.

mp3: Sambassadeur - Days
mp3: Sambassadeur - Subtle Changes