In what may be considered a modern day homage to Christopher Walken's infamous "I need more cowbell" catchphrase, I like to imagine that before Swiss sir, Dominik von Werdt, completed his fixes of Rihanna's Russian Roulette, that someone demanded "I need more glocks popping!" Huh?

Russian Roulette, on it's own original feet, is definitely a grower; a slow paced ballad that has all the passion and power to remain on top of the charts for a bit of time. But as stems sprouted forth, the remixes we've been "ear-ing" have quickly eclipsed the tender trepidation of the single, and transformed the song from introspective to "in the club" worthy.

Enter DVW. We're big ol' fans of his work here in Beastonia, and every time an email comes in from him, we get super excited for that first play of what's in store.

Officially, Rihanna's track doesn't come out until next week, but our boy couldn't wait to unleash his unofficial remixes; one, a hearty remix with the aforementioned gunshot gusto providing a backing beat, and a second, with added dub and tons of club.

That said, do we need more glocks popping? Yes. Yes, we do.

mp3: Rihanna - Russian Roulette (DVW Remix)
mp3: Rihanna - Russian Roulette (DVW Club Dub)